Senior Daycare


This is the next stage in our Centre. At approximately 3.5 years old, your child will attend this programme. We recognise that these preschool years are especially important and lay the foundations for your child’s primary education.

At this stage we introduce the Montessori method of teaching. This method is described in the Montessori section of our webpage. The Montessori class will be 3 hours of the morning and through it your child is introduced to the fundamentals of reading, writing and mathematics in preparation for school, all the while in a fun, exciting and colourful way.

Children may still choose to play and the play toys and equipment are always available. The Montessori morning runs for 38 weeks during the academic year.

The afternoon will once again be taken up with fun activities, outside play, arts and crafts and music and movement. Independence, making choices and decisions and taking responsibility for their work and actions are all encouraged.

When children complete Senior Daycare the Primary school is next and we aim to have the children confident, full of self esteem and ready to take on this totally new challenge in the next stage of their development.

Bronwyn Contet
Unit Head of Green Room

Tara O’Keeffe
Unit Head of Blue Room