Baby Nursery Care

Our Baby Room

It is of utmost importance that your child feels loved and secure when he/she is in our care. We work together with parents to ensure that your baby is happy and comfortable in his/her new surroundings. We settle all babies in slowly, before they start, and your baby will be given care, affection, hugs and cuddles  in this loving environment.  Our team will quickly learn sleeping patterns, mealtimes, and everything that makes your baby special.  Over a period your baby will settle into a routine with the other babies.

The environment is safe, nurturing and stimulating to foster your child’s curiosity as he/she discovers the world around him. Our baby room is bright and appealing with its warm, comfortable safety flooring, and colourful, age appropriate toys. New equipment and toys are introduced as each new stage is reached.  Music and movement and activities  to promote learning and development are continuous throughout the day.

Each baby has his/her own cot in glass panelled, monitored, air conditioned sleep rooms.

Rosarie Daly
Unit Head of our Babyroom