Junior Daycare


At approximately 2.5 years old and, once they have the ability to independently manage the stairs, your child will be ready to move into our junior daycare room upstairs. Here we have a large variety of toys and equipment, including early sensorial and simple practical life materials. There is a structured playgroup for part of the morning in which your child will participate.

A big part of our programme will focus on music, arts and crafts, colours, numbers and fun messy play, where we encourage children to express their personalities through creative and imaginative play whilst promoting their self-esteem and concentration. Also your child’s language skills develop hugely at this stage.  This age group is very sensitive to language and you will be fascinated at the songs, rhymes and stories they learn.

Rest time / quiet time is provided after the midday meal. All of the children are encouraged to lie down and rest, if not sleep during this time, before further afternoon activities.

In addition, we work closely with parents to help toilet train and follow the routines that are developed at home.

Sarah Collins
Unit Head of Junior Daycare